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KDAS power and speed control solutions deliver significant energy and maintenance savings in the mining industry. From mine processing to conveyors, excavators and hoists, our solutions maximize output and encourage system efficiencies in mines around the world. KDAS engineers have identified lost productivity in mining installations and are ready to deliver a unique suite of solutions and mining software to ensure your operation is running at peak efficiency. KDAS brings years of medium voltage experience in high torque, slow speed applications like mine hoists, excavators, conveyor systems, ball/sag/high-pressure grinding mills. Variable frequency drives (VFDs) are used to soft start large motors and continuously adjust speed and torque, as dictated by the process. Combined with KDAS exceptional induction and synchronous motors, your site can be assured of a co-ordinated motor and drive package that is designed, installed and commissioned to last for years to come. Maintaining good line-side power factor is an important consideration for mine-sites across the globe. With cyclical loads, such as hoists and excavators, KDAS Dyna-VAR solution is able to compensate for leading and lagging power factor with quick response times thereby reducing the overall electricity bill.