Water & Waste Water

Saving Energy | Increased Reliability | Power Factor | Increased Productivity | New Product Requirements

Like many industries we serve, Water & Wastewater have significant opportunities to realize efficiency gains. Treatment plants modernized with KDAS solutions achieve energy savings and improved equipment reliability through custom developed solutions designed to optimize system processes. The application of medium voltage (>1.0kV) variable frequency drives (VFD) in water treatment processes has seen significant growth due to escalating energy costs and major advances in KDAS medium voltage VFD systems. As treatment plants continue to regulate flow to match demand, the result is better guidance of the chemical processes, less wear on mechanical equipment and increased energy savings. KDAS solutions support Water & Wastewater treatment and distribution systems with drive products, process controls and related electronics for use with raw water pumps, rapid mix motors, flocculation mixer motors, filter backwash pumps, coagulant chemical feed pumps, high services pumps and more. Serving the market through pump OEMs, specifying engineers and contractors, KDAS team of experts bring a wealth of product and system experience to the water handling community.