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KDAS has delivered a full range of solutions to the pulp and paper industry. KDAS drives, controls, and modernization systems play a vital role in the global paper mill industry. Our team of experienced engineers are prepared to evaluate and provide savings solutions throughout the entire paper mill process. These solutions can be applied to various applications and specific paper machines including off-machine coaters, paper winders, calender rolls, tissue machines, and more.Many Drive Supply around the world. KDAS engineers design ,test and commission complete coordinated drive systems for paper machines that you can count on to deliver efficiency, reliability, and savings. Our long history includes producing a wide range of pulp and paper products including coated paper, printing grade, fine papers, tissue and sanitary paper, fiber board, uncoated and bleached board, newsprint, and corrugated paper. Aging paper plants will benefit from KDAS process modernization solutions increasing production and uptime, while improving overall machine operation. From headbox to winder, ultra-reliable and high-performance systems including drive products, processor hardware and related software are being applied to meet the demands of today pulp and paper production facilities around the world.