TMEIC has a rich history of providing the latest technology for a broad range of industrial processes. Leveraging on application and more than 100 years of experience TMEIC delivers reliable solutions at the lowest cost of ownership. Employing the latest mechanical and electro-magnetic design tools, TMEIC’s quality conscious engineers design and manufacture rotating machines that exceeds industries’ requirements. TMEIC makes Exceptional Motors, By Design™. TMEIC's flexible design philosophy permits full compliance to the most demanding specifications, resulting in custom motors and generators for specific applications and environments, including super high speed motors and generators for hazardous locations. All TMEIC medium AC rotating machines are built with copper bar rotors and C5 treated silicon laminations on the stators and rotors. Special care and attention is given to the insulation, which is built with high quality materials by skilled workers and automated processes on critical areas where repeatability ensures high quality. TMEIC insulation systems are highly capable of successfully operating with Variable Speed Drives. All medium AC rotating machines are manufactured to meet ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards, with certifications from Lloyd’s, SGS-Baseefa and CSA.

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